Our handshake quality

For us it is very important that our clients and staff appreciate our values.
Thus every business partner and staff member knows that we keep what we promise.


Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH´s flexibility ensures that our business partners and clients have the most qualified staff available at any time and place even for their most ambitious tasks.

For our staff, flexibility means having a vast range of job opportunities and a task that fits them.


For our business clients, success means to have a staff leasing company at their disposal, which manages costs and human resource requirements of the industrial large-scale production sites in an optimum manner, even if times are turbulent. For our staff, success means that they are appropriately remunerated, willing to perform and to climb step by step on their job ladder.


We guarantee absolute reliability of every MARTIN staff member towards our business clients. We know how important it is for every company to be sure of the appropriate quality of every single performance, so that deadlines and costs are to be met by 100%. For our staff, reliability means that we offer them a set of securities which includes remuneration according to the collective agreements, social security blank contributions, as well as an additional private insurance in the event of a job abroad, so that every member can be sure that he or she will come back safely.

Shake on it!

Your Martin Tippler