Your advantages

Your advantages as a MARTIN staff member

Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH offers its staff members a whole range of securities.

Your chance for an attractive job

Whether you want to work as a technician or as a secretary, as a construction worker or a non-skilled worker - you may use your skills on really exciting jobs in Austria or on a more international scale.

Your chance for a rewarding career

All our reliable staff members can climb a career ladder that suits their abilities and skills.

Your security for an unlimited labour contract

All our staffs are employed with an unlimited labour contract. The duration of the contract depends on their assembly job. Before the job ends, your personal MARTIN coach provides you with another job. Each employee is entirely covered by Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH and additionally covered with a health-, accident-, old age- and unemployment- insurance.

Your security when working abroad

All MARTIN staffs working abroad are covered by an additional private health insurance. We are the only Austrian staff leasing company that provides medical care abroad and repatriation on an airplane of an air ambulance if you have an accident or fall sick. And the best thing is, that our insurances do not cost you a single Euro! All costs are paid by Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH.

Your security for a performance-linked remuneration 14 x a year

Remuneration of our staff members is extraordinary and directly linked to work performed. The remuneration results from the collective agreement based upon the Staff Leasing Act, as applicable.