Your advantages

Your advantage of our staff leasing services


Do I have to employ MARTIN staff in my company?

No, because all staff provided by Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH are employed with MARTIN for an unlimited period of time while they are working for your company.


What is my benefit?

It earns you money and cuts costs related to recruiting and hiring staff. Our selected skilled staff immediately available on site - in the mountains or in a desert.


How long do I have to wait for MARTIN staff?

We fill your vacancies within the shortest possible time from our great pool of reliable MARTIN staff members. They usually start working from 1 to a maximum of 5 days after your request.


How much do I pay for this kind of service?

We calculate personnel costs honestly and accurately. And you only pay for working hours actually performed.


How is the relationship between Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH and its applicants and staff?

Our staff members are selected very carefully and employed according to their abilities and skills. All MARTIN staff members are remunerated according to the conventional agreement applicable, possess a work permit and participate in in-house training courses. We offer our staff a comprehensive safety program including an additional private health insurance, if they work abroad.


Do I have to manage MARTIN staff from an administrative point of view?

No. All our staff members have their personal contact person with Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH who is in charge of resolving any organisational question. For our clients only the services performed are relevant.

So you, as an entrepreneur, are always on the safe side, and our staff members are well taken of care from one job to the next.