Useful information

For MARTIN staff members

We have drawn up a list of questions that could interest you as a MARTIN staff member. Should you have further questions, please contact us or apply immediately.


Who can apply for a job?


Who will employ me?

The labour contract will be concluded between you and Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH. Your salary or wage will be paid by Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH.


For which companies will I work?

As a MARTIN staff member, your job will be with one of our business partners. Our staffs work for a wide range of renowned Austrian and foreign companies in the field of industrial assembly. These jobs are time-limited. The companies you will work for have a double benefit: the best available workforce and flexibility.


Upon which legal regulatin is my labour contract based on?

All legal questions between you, Martin Tippler Industrie-Montagebau GmbH and the company you work for are regulated in the staff leasing act.


Which securities do I have as a MARTIN staff member?

As a MARTIN staff member, you have a bundle of securities:


For how long can I work with MARTIN?

Generally speaking, you can be a part of our team for as long as you want. Many of our staff members have been working with MARTIN for more than 10 years, almost as long as our company has existed.The duration of the individual jobs may vary. Before your assignment ends, your personal MARTIN job coach will contact you and suggest another job. So there will be no gaps in your career.


What does me the work consultation cost?

Our consultancy services for applicants are not charged. Our job coaching services for staff members are not charged either. It is our aim to employ every staff member according to his or her abilities, so that work is fun.


Who is my personal MARTIN contact?

All details regarding your job, e.g. sickness certificate or remuneration, will be dealt with by your personal job coach.